Metonor Recyclage Catalyseurs Metaux de base

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Refinement of Catalytic Converters

For the refinement of catalytic converters, 2000 lbs of ceramic is needed.
Here are the steps:

Extraction of catalytic converters

Open the catalytic converter to extract the ceramic containing the precious metals (platine, palladium et rhodium)

Crushing of metals

The ceramic is crushed until it has reached desired size (micron level). It is then stirred to ensure that it is homogeneous.

Analysis with Fluorescence Spectometry

A technician will take a sample and proceed to analyse it in the Metonor laboratory. At this stage, Metonor is able to pay 80% up front on the merchandise, based on the metal prices.


The refinement of the merchandise is completed at the refinery for the final result. Metonor will proceed with the final payment. Contact us for more information.